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Constructed soon after the Great Fire of 1902, The United Bank Building was built to house two banks whose previous buildings had been destroyed. On May 5, 1902, a fire struck the New England House, a locally well known tavern and inn located at the corner of Bank and Main Street. The conflagration also consumed the adjacent buildings of the New Milford Savings Bank and the New Milford First National Bank. The two banks immediately organized to rebuild, quickly agreeing in principal to build a joint facility on the site of the tavern. 

For most of its life, the building had been used in some form of a bank, with Webster Bank being the most recent occupant. The majority of the building, however, had been largely under used in recent decades and had fallen into disrepair. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and taken over by Village Green Investments in 2015. After 9 months of renovations, the building became 19Main, Litchfield County’s newest event venue, hosting its first event September 11, 2015. Throughout renovations, we strived for modern amenities with historic elegance; three vaults remain from the building’s former bank days.